2021-2022 CPMCA Scholarship Program

!!!NEW & UPDATED!!!We are excited to introduce you to the NEW & UPDATED 2021-2022 CPMCA Scholarship Program. We have made the following KEY changes to the program:

  • CPMCA is awarding $2500 per school year to qualified applicants.
  • Scholarships will be provided on a yearly basis. Thus, applicants can reapply each year – during the course of their college/university education – to receive the scholarship. 
  • CPMCA is accepting applications from individuals attending a two (2) OR four (4) year accredited college/university.

CPMCA remains committed to recognizing and supporting students and their future careers.

Please review the attached CPMCA Scholarship Guidelines and Application HERE to determine what kind of student is awarded the CPMCA Scholarship.  If you would like to recommend an individual for the 2021-2022 school year, please forward this announcement to the student at your earliest convenience to allow them adequate time to complete the application. The application must be submitted to the CPMCA office postmarked no later than Friday, May 21, 2021. Applications postmarked after the deadline will not be accepted. Applications should be submitted to: CPMCAAttn: Michelle Lynn 3500 W. Olive Avenue, Suite 860Burbank, CA 91505

Please feel free to contact Michelle Lynn (michelle@cpmca.org) if you have any questions.


Gus Torres Jr. 1 Gus Torres
Ben Jackson 2 Ray Camacho
Ashley Kollar 3 Ben Clayton
Jessica R. Martin 4 David Griggs
Fernando Lizarraga 5 Ray Camacho
Abraham Ascencio 6 Ray Camacho
Mark Johnson 7 Ray Camacho
Bill Wood 8 Jose Moreno
Fred Larkin 9 Anthony McDonald
Jason Guerrero 10 Ray Camacho
Hugo Garcia 11 Jason Guerrero
Tony Hanson 12 Gus Torres
Sergio Hueso 13 Salvador Guerrero
Carlos Ruiz 14 Jason Guerrero
Ben Green 15 David Griggs
Ben Clayton 16 Brandon Mortorff
Rocky Rivera 17 Tom Morton
Joe Marshall 18 Ray Camacho
Jarrod Ferruccio 19 Ben Clayton
Chad J. Elliott 20 Jerry C. Elliott
Victor Preciado 21 Ray Camacho
Kristen Combs 22 Ben Clayton
Jason Brannon 23 Herb Kleeman
Missy Leal 24 Ben Clayton
Craig Reynolds 25 Gus Torres
John Dunn 26 David Griggs
Jesse Perez 27 Ray Camacho
Sal Guerrero 28 Hector Tostado
Lee Tracey 29 Gus Torres
Matt Fikse 30 Hank Fikse
Ray Camacho 31 Ben Clayton
Ralph Lopez 32 Gus Torres
David Griggs 33 Kevin Jones
Mario Avila 34 Ray Camacho
Kevin Jones 35 David Griggs
John Ferruccio 36 Ben Clayton
Hector Carbajal 37 Ben Clayton
Chuck “Rags” Lozano 38 Brandon Mortorff
Armando Villa 39 Jason Guerrero
Augie Ramirez 40 Gus Torres
Gus Torres 41 John Trumbull
Eric “Action” Jackson 42 David Griggs
Pete Wohlgezogen 43 Ben Clayton
Brandon Mortorff 44 Oscar Delcid
Konrad Pasternak 45 Jose Moreno
John Trumbull 46 Gus Torres
Rick Fiore 47 Gus Torres
Jerry C. Elliott 48 Ben Clayton
Jerry Trevino 49 Ben Clayton
Jesse Sanchez 50 Gus Torres
Bruce Munoz 51 Ben Clayton
Anthony Guerrero Jr. 52 Gus Torres
Hector Tostado 53 Jason Guerrero
Oscar Delcid 54 Tom Morton
Crystal Lewis 55 Brandon Mortorff
Cecil Gray 56 David Griggs
Big Al Diaz 57 David Griggs
Jason Hicks 58 Jason Guerrero
L.D. George 59 Jesse Richards
Lonnel Black 60 Jason Guerrero
Tom Morton 61 Oscar Delcid
Rudy L. Rodriguez Sr. 62 Frank Castillo
Jon Munoz 63 Ben Clayton
Mitch Lander 64 Ray Camacho
Mark Burnside 65 Tom Morton
Herb Kleeman 66 Ben Clayton
Johnny Monroy 67 Gus Torres