*Due to increase of membership, we are now able to take 16 Elected Delegates*

CandidatesNameVote Count
1Gus Torres, Jr117 Delegate
2Benjamin Jackson111 Delegate
3Derrick G. O’Connor110 Delegate
4Hugo Garcia107 Delegate
5Jessica R. Martin104 Delegate
6Billy Joe Romero104 Delegate
7Hector Tostado102 Delegate
8Victor Preciado98 Delegate
9Ashley Kollar97 Delegate
10Missy Leal86 Delegate
11Chad Elliott81 Delegate
12Joe Marshall79 Delegate
13Lonnel Black75 Delegate
14Melody Smith73 Delegate
15Sal Guerrero69 Delegate
16Craig Reynolds67 Delegate
17Johnny Monroy58 Alternate
18Jonathan Rudder51 Alternate
19Matt Carmichael
20Jason Hicks
21Abraham Ascencio
22Kristen Combs
23Carlos Ruiz
24David “Studnuts” Steadman
25Floyd (Randy) Shaw
26Elton Suarez


The June 12, 2022, General Election isn’t necessary and has been cancelled. All nominated positions were elected due to a white ballot as there was no opposition. Nominations were held at the May 6, 2022, Regular Membership Union Meeting.

Below are the names and offices of those to be installed at the July 1, 2022, Regular Membership Union Meeting:

Business Manager/Financial Secretary-Treasurer – Ben Clayton

President – Jason Guerrero

Vice President – Victor Preciado

Recording Secretary – Ashley Kollar

Inside Guard – Alfredo “Big Al” Diaz

Finance Board – Hugo Garcia, Missy Leal & Billy Joe Romero

Executive Board – Lonnel Black, Rick Fiore, Ralph Lopez & Hector Tostado

Examining Board – Mathew Carmichael, Ben Jackson, Joe Marshall, Jessica R. Martin & Augie Ramirez


Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and to help prevent the spread, Local 250 will be closing our doors at 12:00pm daily, until further notice.  However, we are available by phone.

We are trying to limit the exposure to you and our office staff.  These actions are conducive towards the safety of our members and office staff.

It would be greatly appreciated if you would pay your dues online, put a check in the mail or use the drop mailbox on Figueroa Street.

Thank you for your consideration.

Glenn J. Santa Cruz, Business Manager