Russ McKissack, 44 Year Retired Member / Steamfitter

Passed away September 28, 2019 at the age of 72.

Private Service

Office notified: 9-30-2019

8 thoughts on “RUSS MCKISSACK

  1. My condolences to Susan! I worked with Brother Russ on many projects from 1979 on the Shell/Kellogg project to 1999 where we were teamed up working at Cal State Los Angeles. I truly had a good time working together with Russ. No better Union man . RIP my Brother Russ

  2. I first met Russ back in 1983 or so. Myself and another apprentice were joking around and ol Russ didn’t appreciate it. He challenged both to a fight! lol. Later after we knew each other a little better were were workin at the mayo favtory in Cerritos. He was welding stainless…I asked him how he was able to follow the joint which was almost invisable to me. He said : just watch the dancing lady!: which means you are fuseing the joint together. He was a really cool hand..will always remember him…and Susan and he sister…Great family!

  3. It saddens my heart to hear the passing of Russ, many fond memories of jokes and stories with Russ on the jobsite and at the hall. He goes down as one of the good guys of my generation at Local 250. My condolences to the Mckissack family and many prayers to you Susan.

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